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Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple iPhone 3G VS iPhone 3Gs

Wow back again, this blog thing is so addicting! So what is the difference between iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs? I'm too lazy to get into the technical specs (the guys at Engadget can give you that). The only main physical difference is...... ::Drum Roll:: the screen for the iPhone 3Gs is more finger print proof! Yes kiddies for only $100+ we can finally play Tap Tap Revenge without wiping our screen a gazillion times!

How about accessories? Will the iPhone 3G cases, chargers accessories fit the new iPhone 3Gs? Yes, it will definitely fit. Do NOT pay a dime more for iPhone 3Gs accessories because you can use the same case, chargers, FM transmitter, as the iPhone 3G. Please do not get ripped off by crooked merchants (not talking about you Apple).


  1. the new iphone 3g can send picture messages, but the older one could only send it through email. So i've heard, could definitely be wrong.

  2. The iPhone 3GS is the first iPhone to offer a full set of accessibility features. A line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones that functions as a camera phone, a portable media player comparable to a video iPod, and an internet client that can execute e-mailing, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity -using the phone's multi-touch screen to provide a virtual keyboard in lieu of a physical keyboard. It is more than just a phone that does many different things. It has faster proccessing and network speeds, extended battery life, more memory, and additional features which you normally enjoy. Dealing with Apple iPhone 3GS is really amazing. Visit recycle mobile phones for more information.