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Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple iPhone 3G VS iPhone 3Gs

Wow back again, this blog thing is so addicting! So what is the difference between iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs? I'm too lazy to get into the technical specs (the guys at Engadget can give you that). The only main physical difference is...... ::Drum Roll:: the screen for the iPhone 3Gs is more finger print proof! Yes kiddies for only $100+ we can finally play Tap Tap Revenge without wiping our screen a gazillion times!

How about accessories? Will the iPhone 3G cases, chargers accessories fit the new iPhone 3Gs? Yes, it will definitely fit. Do NOT pay a dime more for iPhone 3Gs accessories because you can use the same case, chargers, FM transmitter, as the iPhone 3G. Please do not get ripped off by crooked merchants (not talking about you Apple).

T-Mobile Motorola Morrison Andriod spy pictures uncovered?

According to TmoToday, T-Mobile will be releasing the Motorola
Morrison (what WTH is a Morrison? and you think my name is
corny) its 5th Android phone at the end of this year. Specs on
Motorola Morrison
is still vague but looks promising considering
that the company havebeen losing valuable market share to big
cellphone makers:
Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerryand now Palm.

A little off topic but HMmmm would it be a good time to put your
money on some (
MOT) stocks? I am not a financial advisor but
anyone that threw their life savings into Palm (
PALM) when the
stock was at its 52 week low would have been 13x richer than they
were earlier this year. Okay,lets keep this blog tech based, I do not
want any of my 0 followers going bankrupt and sending me death threats
if the company tanks.

So back to the topic, my first spy pic! Will this be the new T-Mobile
Motorola Morrison?

MiniSuit new blog finally up

Hey everyone, its TheGadgetDude here (yes corny name, you think you can think of one better?). I just wanted to say Hi to the world. I never blogged before so this is kind of cool. I can just type and type and type and just talk about gibberish. Wow are you guys actually reading this?!? blah blah blah blah blah. Okay lets cut to the chase, I'm the new gadget dude in town and will be writing about all the cool gizmo, up and comming tech stuff, I will also be reviewin all the latest gadgets and accessories so stay tune fellow tech nerds!